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Olive oil and Vinegar

Our “Dinamico” Certified Organic Extra Virgin olive oil, is produced at Le Pianore utilizing biodynamic agriculture methods.

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The olive trees of cultivar Olivastra Seggianese, Moraiolo, Leccino and frantoio, are lovingly taken care throughout each season and attentively guided in their shape through moderate pruning every other year.

We nurture them with fertilizers in the old-fashioned way, with manure derived from our animals. During blossoming, the pollinating varieties such as The Pendolino, spread their pollen on all the other “cultivar” with the helping hands of the wind, honeybees and other useful insects.

All of our production process is in harmony with nature.
Our olive oil is cold-pressed and preserved at temperatures that never go beyond 15 degrees celsius, therefore preventing oxidation and maintaining its taste and scent unaltered.